My Lighting Adventure

Latest updates:

4/Moving Head BEAM 230W (5R) – 2/Moving Head BEAM 200W (5R) – 2/Moving Head 150W LED

– 6/Moving Head 90W LED – 3/ LED Moving Spot LED beam – 

RGB Pars: 12/180W LED indoor/outdoor – 12/108W LED indoor – 8/300W PAR 64

 – 4/400W LED Blinder – and 10/30W LED wash lights

1 Smoke Machine, 1 Hazer (all 1500W)

3 Follow Spot lights (60W-LED, 200W-LED and 800W Conventional power)


I have 4 floor light fixtures (Medium flood lamp,100W each) –  4LED Moving Heads (2/60W and 2/30W) – 1 Chauvet Eclipse Laser light – 8/Par64 LED RGB -120W each – 8/Par64 Conventional light (300W medium beam bulb) – 8 Par64 LED Wash Lights, 2/320LED RGB Wash Lights, 2 Laser lights (one has 4 heads 2 color RED and GREEN and one with Text editing) , 1 Smoke machine and one Follow Spot LED.


 Enjoy !

We have purchased a lot more LIGHTS but Since I got carpal syndrome, I have not been able to add or edit more videos. Sorry !
  1. Video Clip Of 30W LED Moving Head.

  2. Here is the Video Clip of Laser Light With Text. Enjoy !

  3. Another Video Clip – My 4 Heads Laser Light. Enjoy !

  4. I am testing 2 Elation Active Scan 250.

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