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Please listen those two songs written and sung by Viet Khang. Where is my Vietnam? and Who are you?

Below is  a  Video Clip from White House in English from a young Musician of Asia Entertainment. http://www.tuoitreyeunuoc.com/2012/03/11202.html

Nhạc phẩm Bạn Thân của Việt Khang với giọng ca của Đan Trường, enjoy !

Một nhạc phẩm khác của Việt Khang “Bà Má Miền Tây” với giọng ca của Lý Hải , enjoy !

Thế Sơn và nhạc phẩm Anh Là Ai của Việt Khang (From Vietface)

  1. DT says:

    Viet Lifestyles Magazine

    Good job, Nguyen ! Visit Nguyen’s web site for more infomation:

    KNV Services

  2. DT says:

    Hi Daniel, I would like to add a link to your website. Daniel Menacher, great photographer !
    A hard working man.

  3. DuyTrung says:

    Vietnamese Community Of Georgia – Cong Dong VietNam GA

  4. This is the web site of Mr. Denver Baxter.
    Provides professional DJ Services in Atlanta, GA and all over the South Eastern United States


    The Party Touch
    Professional Entertainment.. “Full Time” .. in Atlanta Since 1986
    Over 34 years of.. “Proven” ..entertainment.

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